About Kıraça Holding

Kıraça Holding was founded by İnan Kıraç and Claude Nahum in 1998, as Kiraça Group of Companies.

The company is among the leading corporations in automotive, independent aftermarket, design-engineering, maritime and energy businesses.

The main objectives of the company are, to bring in the idle facilities resulting from excess capacity within the automotive sector back to the Turkish economy, to organize the dispersed structure of the independent aftermarket sector through a new marketing and distribution model, which will operate in the international business arena. The Holding proved its potential and achievements in a short period and continues to grow with its expert personnel and companies in the Group.

The activities of the Suna-İnan Kıraç Foundation in education, culture, arts and healthcare shed a different light to the achievements of the Holding in industry and trade. Within the Foundation are also the Pera Museum and the Istanbul Research Institute.



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